Care Packages From

A care package does so many things for a college student from lessening their stress to aiding in the socialization process. For parents, sending a care package is the perfect way to stay connected without going overboard on texts and phone calls.
RedShip is a care package company that takes sending a care package a […]

3 Best Tips To Ace College Finals

Today we have a guest post from University of Colorado (CU) student, Brad Revare.
Brad graduated  from CU with a Bachelor in Economics and currently is a 2nd year graduate student at the CU law school. Brad is working his way through school as a college tutor giving him special insight as he shares his three […]

3Tips To Finding the Best College Tutor

written by Brad Revare
Finding the right college tutor can be challenging. Here are three steps to hiring the best tutor for your son or daughter:
Only hire tutors that have been vetted by others. This can mean your school has approved them to tutor and/or they have testimonials reviewing their effectiveness. Always ask tutors for references. […]

A College Graduation Announcement With a Sense of Humor

We fell in love with this graduation announcement from the Random Thoughts Design Studio on Etsy:
The text is customizable and comes as a PDF. A great deal for $10.00.

4 Nontraditional Graduation Announcements from Etsy Artists

Looking for a graduation announcement that’s out of the ordinary? Check these out:

These four cards are designs from Etsy artists. Clockwise from top left: Sara Luke Creations, Stewart Design Studios, Printastic Design, and Designs By Tenisha.

Scholarship Opportunity for Students Interested In Manufacturing Industry

We love it when organizations contact us to spread the word about their scholarship opportunities. The latest (April 2013) is from ThomasNet, a business that connects manufacturing industry buyers and sellers.
There is a high demand for skilled engineers, business project management, business operations management and numerous skilled vocational workers including machinists, tool and die specialists, robotics manufacturing and […]

High School and College Graduation Announcements from Tiny Prints

It may be snowing outside but as practical college moms, we know graduation is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about graduation announcements, invitations and parties.
When our six college kids were graduating from high school we waited until the last minute and then in a panic created our own DIY announcements. This […]

Practical Ideas for College Final Exam Care Packages

College finals are always a big deal. Whether your student is a first semester freshman or a seasoned upper-classman, the stress of exam week is intense and a little care package is much appreciated. Being practical moms, we don’t go overboard on finals care packages. Between the cost of travel, holiday gifting and January tuition […]

7 Commonly Stolen Items on College Campuses

It’s a sad fact of college life that all students need to be cautious about campus theft and in particular identify theft. The Wall Street Journal reports in “Students, Beware of Campus Thieves,” that today’s small tech devices are simple to pinch and pilfer for identify information, credit and debit card numbers and to make a […]

Dorm Essentials: The 4-Drawer Storage Cart

If we were forced to name the ONE most useful dorm/apartment college essential (aside from a laptop,) it would have to be this basic 4-drawer storage cart. You can find it practically anywhere, Target, Wal-Mart, Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond…pick your favorite.
There are so many ways to use these carts. They can serve as […]