Dorm Room Essentials: Brita Slim Pitcher

One of the things our college kids complained about in the dorms was the taste of the water and the cost of buying bottled water (which quickly adds up.) We discovered early on that a regular sized filtered water pitcher does not fit in a small dorm-sized refrigerator. Fortunately there is a cheap fix, the Brita Slim Pitcher.

You can find this pitcher all over, Target, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, even Walgreens. Don’t confuse it with the Brita SpaceSaver Pitcher which has a lid that leaks and a poorly designed spout.

Be sure to pick up a filter pack so your student can change out the filter through the school year. Also, follow the instructions and soak the filter for 15-minutes. This removes the carbon dust.

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