7 Commonly Stolen Items on College Campuses

It’s a sad fact of college life that all students need to be cautious about campus theft and in particular identify theft.┬áThe Wall Street Journal reports in “Students, Beware of Campus Thieves,” that today’s small tech devices are simple to pinch and pilfer for identify information, credit and debit card numbers and to make a quick buck.

The most common items stolen include:

  • laptops
  • personal electronics (phones, iPods, etc.)
  • videogame systems
  • sound systems
  • flat screen TVs
  • bicycles
  • cash, credit and debit cards

It only takes a second while a student has popped out of their room with the door open, left apartment doors and windows unlocked or walked away from their computer to grab a coffee that thieves can strike.

The article offers five suggestions for helping to prevent theft and particularly identify theft. It’s useful information for you and your student to review.

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