High School and College Graduation Announcements from Tiny Prints

It may be snowing outside but as practical college moms, we know graduation is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about graduation announcements, invitations and parties.

When our six college kids were graduating from high school we waited until the last minute and then in a panic created our own DIY announcements. This year we discovered Tiny Prints (a division of Shutterfly Inc.,) a high quality photo card and stationery company. If you don’t have the time/energy to create your own graduation cards you should check out the Tiny Prints graduation collection.

Here is an announcement Nancy created for her daughter, Megan, who will be graduating from college in May. Nancy was ecstatic because it only took her ten minutes to create this card:

We love how simple it was to create this graduation announcement.

There are a lot of announcement/invitations on the website. Save yourself some time by using the handy filter features in the left hand column. For example if you want to use the school colors of your graduate search by color and the number of photos you want to include. Another neat feature is that you have the option to include text/photos on the back of the card. That would be a good place to include a couple bullet points of the highlights of your graduate’s high school or college experiences.

If you have a daughter who is graduating from college who was in a sorority try the specialized sorority graduation selection. If you have a student graduating from The University of Oregon, you’re in luck, they have specially designed U of O announcements. (Some designer at Tiny Prints must be a ¬†graduate. HINT, HINT Tiny Prints, make more college specific announcements :))

With over 200 designs to chose from there is something for every taste. Prices start from $.79/card and go up from there.

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