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The RedShip Healthy Snack package includes several varieties of baked snacks, cereal bowls, trail mix, granola bars and more.

A care package does so many things for a college student from lessening their stress to aiding in the socialization process. For parents, sending a care package is the perfect way to stay connected without going overboard on texts and phone calls.

RedShip is a care package company that takes sending a care package a step further. Their unique care packages are shipped in a large red cylinder, lined with a laundry bag, and stuffed with everything from a complete Chinese meal to gummy bears. They researched college students most loved snacks to create their special care packages. RedShip’s mission is to create a memorable experience for years to come, from the moment student sees a giant red cylinder arrive in the mail, to the happy calls you’ll receive. A socially conscious company, with every care package purchase, RedShip donates a meal to Feeding America.

RedShip Care Package

A unique feature of all RedShip care packages is their distinctive red cylinder.

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The largest RedShip care packages includes over 45 items. Your student will be sure to find something to satisfy the midnight munchies during finals wekk.

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