Meet Joan & Nancy – The Practical College Moms
We are Joan Hobbs and Nancy Giehl. We live in Boulder, Colorado. You can call us mid-century moderns, or 50-somethings, whichever you prefer. We each have three kids, two dogs and one husband. Among our six kids we have; a college senior, a college junior, two college sophomores, one college-aged young man taking a break from school and a high school senior.

We call ourselves practical college moms. Our goal is to help our kids continually develop the skills they need to be useful, functioning adults.  We struggle like you to convince them they need to find GOOD PAYING summer jobs and scratch our heads when they seem surprised they can’t find one when they wait to start looking after the semester ends.

We expect our kids to contribute to the costs of their college education. We angst when they angst (but don’t tell them that.)

If you are a helicopter mom you probably won’t like or be interested in what we have to say. If you are a mom who wants to help their kidult (our favorite term to describe our kids’ period of life at the moment) navigate the joys and pitfalls of college life, join us. Talk to us – through the comment section. We’ll talk right back and will probably come up with even better ideas together!

What Else Do You Do?
We’re good at organizing. So good we own a business, Simple Moves. Our specialty is helping people downsize and organize before moving. Our book Organize, Pack Move! Strategies and Money-Saving Ideas to Simplify Your Move, is based on what we’ve learned from our years in business.

In 2009 we started a blog, Just the Right Things. Our personal indulgence, this blog is about the ideas, products, websites, and thoughts that we find to be “just the right things” in our life at the moment. (Note: We do not get paid for any of the products we review on Just the Right Things.)

With so many kids in college we started writing about our own college concerns on Just the Right Things. Some of those articles were picked up for syndication on BlogHer. Mulling it over we decided Practical Collge Moms deserved a home of its own. Welcome!

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