Practical Ideas for College Final Exam Care Packages

College finals are always a big deal. Whether your student is a first semester freshman or a seasoned upper-classman, the stress of exam week is intense and a little care package is much appreciated. Being practical moms, we don’t go overboard on finals care packages. Between the cost of travel, holiday gifting and January tuition […]

Dorm Essentials: The 4-Drawer Storage Cart

If we were forced to name the ONE most useful dorm/apartment college essential (aside from a laptop,) it would have to be this basic 4-drawer storage cart. You can find it practically anywhere, Target, Wal-Mart, Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond…pick your favorite.
There are so many ways to use these carts. They can serve as […]

Project Green Dorm Make Over Contest

Teens Turning Green (TTG,) has launched Project Green Dorm to encourage college-age teenagers and young adults to live an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Included in the project is the Green Dorm Makeover Contest. Contestants create their own green dorm dream room on Pinterest (see here for an example.) Prizes include gift cards from Whole Foods and eBay Green […]

A Great Alarm Clock For Sleepy-headed Freshmen

I don’t know about you, but this Practical College Mom is worried about the ability of my soon-to-be-college-freshman to be able to wake up for his first class in the mornings.  It’s not a skill he’s fully developed, this waking up in the morning.  I hear his alarm go off and wait…and wait…and then go […]

College Apartments: Modular Nomad Furniture

Near and dear to the hearts of us Practical College Moms is promoting young entrepreneurs who cleverly solve a problem they encountered as students. Items like the Pivot Power and the Scribe Modular Desk (featured in both Target and Bed Bath and Beyond’s college catalogs this year) come to mind.
Last week we were contacted by […]

Dorm Room Shopping – Where to Shop and Strategies for Saving

It’s no secret that most dorm room shopping gets done at big box stores. It’s close to one-stop shopping and since most of us have our favorite big box (mine’s Target) Practical College Moms have been scoping out the goods when they first started showing up…in June!
Here’s a few additional options, as well as ideas […]

Moving Out of the College Apartment: Find Cheap Boxes

As owners of a small business that helps people downsize and move, and authors of the book, Organize, Pack, Move!, we know a thing or two about how to make packing and moving easier. Here are tips we share with our own kids:
The first thing most students do when they know they are moving is […]

Dorm Shopping Made Easy – Getting Started

It’s mid-July and that means it’s time for all us Practical College Moms to start thinking about shopping for the upcoming school year, especially if you’ve got a freshman.  My freshman College Kid is headed off to a college in a small town about six hours away.  He’s Kid #3.  Kid #1 went out-of-state, eleven […]

College Dorm Packing List for Gals: 2012

A couple years ago Nancy’s daughter, Julie, headed off to college and created what we call Julie’s Uber-Complete College Dorm Packing List. As Julie is known to family and friends as an organization-a-holic, we started getting requests for the list from other moms whose kids were heading off to college. (The success of the list […]

Dorm Room Essentials: Brita Slim Pitcher

One of the things our college kids complained about in the dorms was the taste of the water and the cost of buying bottled water (which quickly adds up.) We discovered early on that a regular sized filtered water pitcher does not fit in a small dorm-sized refrigerator. Fortunately there is a cheap fix, the […]