3 Best Tips To Ace College Finals

Today we have a guest post from University of Colorado (CU) student, Brad Revare.
Brad graduated  from CU with a Bachelor in Economics and currently is a 2nd year graduate student at the CU law school. Brad is working his way through school as a college tutor giving him special insight as he shares his three […]

3Tips To Finding the Best College Tutor

written by Brad Revare
Finding the right college tutor can be challenging. Here are three steps to hiring the best tutor for your son or daughter:
Only hire tutors that have been vetted by others. This can mean your school has approved them to tutor and/or they have testimonials reviewing their effectiveness. Always ask tutors for references. […]

Should Your Freshman Take a Car to College?

Well…we know what your College Kid’s answer will be, but there are several factors to consider about taking a car to college freshman year. Here’s our pro and con list (from the Practical College Mom perspective:)
Pros of College Kid Taking Car to College

Gives them the ability to get around to where they want to go. […]

Surviving the First Summer Home From College

You missed them – and now they’re back! It’s your student’s first summer home from college.  Oh…but things aren’t like they used to be.  They’ve gotten their first taste of  freedom, and you’ve been sleeping like a baby (we hope) without making sure they got home by curfew.
The best thing to do is decide on […]

A College Commencement Speech Worth Reading

We are huge fans of NPR Science Correspondent, Robert Krulwich, who also co-hosts one of our favorite podcasts, Radiolab. Krulwich not only reports on science in an easy-to-understand, interesting and entertaining way, he is also a compelling, thoughtful speaker. Earlier this month he was the commencement speaker for the Berkeley School of Journalism Class of […]