College Apartments: Modular Nomad Furniture

Near and dear to the hearts of us Practical College Moms is promoting young entrepreneurs who cleverly solve a problem they encountered as students. Items like the Pivot Power and the Scribe Modular Desk (featured in both Target and Bed Bath and Beyond’s college catalogs this year) come to mind.
Last week we were contacted by […]

Dorm Room Essentials: Brita Slim Pitcher

One of the things our college kids complained about in the dorms was the taste of the water and the cost of buying bottled water (which quickly adds up.) We discovered early on that a regular sized filtered water pitcher does not fit in a small dorm-sized refrigerator. Fortunately there is a cheap fix, the […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Photostamp Collegiate Collection

We’re so sad we just found out about the Photostamp Collegiate Collection because it’s retiring on June 30, 2012. In case you don’t know, Photostamps are customized U.S. mail stamps.
The Photostamp Collegiate collection let’s you choose from 38 major universities and colleges. A portion of the sale goes to benefit your student’s future alma mater.
Being […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Scribe

Lectures about developing strong study skills by studying at a desk notwithstanding, in our experience, the majority of college kids do a lot of their studying in bed. That’s why we love this innovative  modular portable desk designed by a student for students.
The desk has two sides, one for working on the computer and the […]

Inspirational Graduation Gifts from Etsy

If you are searching for a unique graduation gift for the student who loves quotes check out our Perfect Graduation Gift Treasury page on Etsy. All unique and ranging from serious to funny you’ll find something for practically everyone here.

Graduation Gift Idea: Zumreed for Their iPod

Sometimes you want a college graduation gift to stand the test of time.  Sometimes you want it to be fun and frivolous.  Zumreed products fit into the later category.  I discovered the Zumreed Drop Speaker on one of my favorite shopping sites, the Daily Grommet.  It’s a water-resistant container AND speaker for an iPod.  It’s […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Journal Bandolier

You might be thinking, “What the heck is a bandolier?” Why it’s a strap fitted with loops to hold pens, pencils, art supplies and other small writing tools. It wraps around journals and books up to 13.5″ in circumference. It’s a custom-made item on Etsy from the Clever Hands shop and it would make a seriously […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Personal Finance Book

For college graduates starting out with a job (hooray for them!) or even those still searching,  I Will Teach You To Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi, is a must have. It is a solid Finance 101 for young people in today’s economy.
The book is set up in as six-week “course” to financial literacy beginning with credit […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Pivot Power

The Pivot Power cord outlet is one of those genius inventions that makes one say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This outlet would make a fabulous high school graduation gift for any student, whether they are heading off to college or pursuing other dreams.
The cool thing about the Pivot Power is that is twists […]

Graduation Gift Idea: Kitchen Knives

Sometimes finding just the right gift for a college graduate is not as easy as you want it to be, especially if you’re looking for something that conveys a message of celebrating growing up and moving on.
An easy, much appreciated gift for a graduating “foodie,” who has been making do with college apartment/roommate kitchenware for […]