Scholarship Opportunity for Students Interested In Manufacturing Industry

We love it when organizations contact us to spread the word about their scholarship opportunities. The latest (April 2013) is from ThomasNet, a business that connects manufacturing industry buyers and sellers.
There is a high demand for skilled engineers, business project management, business operations management and numerous skilled vocational workers including machinists, tool and die specialists, robotics manufacturing and […]

High School and College Graduation Announcements from Tiny Prints

It may be snowing outside but as practical college moms, we know graduation is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about graduation announcements, invitations and parties.
When our six college kids were graduating from high school we waited until the last minute and then in a panic created our own DIY announcements. This […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken $20K Scholarship for the Price of a Tweet!

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s KFC Scholars program is offering the opportunity for a high school student to win a $20,000 college scholarship ($5,000 for 4 years.) It’s pretty simple, students need to submit a Tweet that includes a single image that demonstrates a commitment to education and community (think “a picture’s worth a thousand words.”) Submit […]

Quick and Easy Ideas for High School Graduation Parties

If you are the parent of a high school senior it’s time to start thinking about celebrating your student’s graduation from high school. For party-giving lovers this is another opportunity to go nuts and have fun planning graduation themed decorations, favors, centerpieces, menus etc.
Others of us are overwhelmed and find the idea of throwing together […]

Welcome to Practical College Moms!

Hi all! We are Joan and Nancy, two experienced moms of five college students. Yes, Nancy and her husband, Alan, are helping three kids through college (financially and emotionally and we’re not sure which is more exhausting!) Joan and her husband, Don, have two college-aged kids (one is taking a year off – a whole […]